Black Weymouth Bit Ported Mouth


Black Weymouth Bit Ported Mouth, also known as curb bits, are used in horse riding, particularly in the discipline of dressage. They apply pressure to various points on a horse’s head and mouth to aid in communication between rider and horse.


Standard Weymouth Bit, Mullen Mouth Weymouth, Low Port Weymouth, High Port Weymouth, Slotted Cheek Weymouth, Jointed Weymouth, Ergonomic Weymouth.

Common Sizes of Weymouth Bits:

Widths: Weymouth bits come in a range of widths to fit different horses’ mouths, commonly from 4.5 inches to 6.0 inches. Some standard widths include:

4.5 inches (115 mm)

5.0 inches (125 mm)

5.5 inches (140 mm)

6.0 inches (152 mm)

Shank Lengths: The length of the shank (the part of the bit that extends down from the mouthpiece) varies, affecting the leverage applied. Common lengths are:

Short shank: about 4-5 cm (approximately 1.5-2 inches)

Medium shank: about 5-7 cm (approximately 2-2.75 inches)

Long shank: about 7-9 cm (approximately 2.75-3.5 inches)



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