Rowland Black Figure 8 Grackle Bridle with Brass Hardware


A Figure-8 bridle, also known as a Grackle bridle, is a specialized type of English bridle designed to provide enhanced control and stability, particularly for horses that tend to cross their jaws or pull hard. It is commonly used in show jumping, eventing, and other disciplines where precise control and a secure fit are essential.


Headstall: The main strap that goes over the horse’s head, connecting all parts of the bridle.

Browband: A strap that runs across the horse’s forehead, preventing the bridle from slipping back.

Cheekpieces: Straps that run down the sides of the horse’s face, connecting the headstall to the bit.

Throatlash: A strap that goes under the horse’s throat, helping to keep the bridle in place.

Figure-8 Noseband (Grackle Noseband): The defining feature of this bridle, it consists of two straps that cross over the horse’s nose in a figure-8 pattern, securing with a ring at the crossing point. This design helps keep the horse’s mouth closed and prevents jaw crossing, while avoiding pressure on sensitive areas like the nostrils and facial nerves.

Bit: Typically a snaffle bit, though the bridle can accommodate various types depending on the rider’s preference and the horse’s needs.

Reins: Straps that run from the bit to the rider’s hands, used to control the horse. They are usually made of leather and may have rubber grips for better handling.


Leather Quality: High-quality English bridle leather, often vegetable-tanned for durability, suppleness, and a classic appearance. The leather is typically smooth and may be padded and stitched for added comfort and strength.

Finish: The leather is often dyed in traditional colors such as black, brown, or havana.

Design Features

Stitching: Fine, even stitching for durability and aesthetic appeal. The noseband may be padded for additional comfort.

Buckles and Fittings: Usually made of stainless steel or brass, providing adjustability and ensuring the bridle stays securely in place.


Fit and Adjustability: Multiple adjustment points allow the bridle to be fitted precisely to the horse’s head, ensuring comfort and effective control.

Control: The Figure-8 noseband offers increased control for horses that are strong or resistant, helping to keep the horse’s mouth closed and improving the rider’s ability to communicate effectively.

Purpose: Particularly popular in show jumping and eventing due to its ability to provide secure control without restricting the horse’s breathing.


Pony: Designed for small ponies, generally those

Noseband Circumference: 18-24 inches

Browband Length: 12-13 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 6-7 inches


Cob: Suitable for larger ponies and smaller horses.

Noseband Circumference: 20-26 inches

Browband Length: 13-14 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 7-8 inches

Full (Horse): Fits most average-sized horses.

Noseband Circumference: 22-28 inches

Browband Length: 14-15 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 8-9 inches

Oversize (Warmblood): Designed for larger horses.

Noseband Circumference: 24-30 inches

Browband Length: 15-16 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 9-10 inches

Extra Full (Draft): Made for very large horses, such as draft breeds.

Noseband Circumference: 26-32 inches

Browband Length: 16-17 inches

heekpieces Length: 10-11 inches


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