Rowland Genuine Leather Double Bridle with SS Hardware


Rowland Genuine Black Leather Double Bridle with SS Hardware, also known as a full bridle or Wey-mouth bridle, is a sophisticated piece of tack used primarily in advanced dressage riding. This bridle is designed to offer the rider enhanced control and precision through the use of two bits and two sets of reins. Here’s a detailed description:



Headstall: The main strap that goes over the horse’s head, connecting all parts of the bridle.

Browband: A strap that runs across the horse’s forehead, preventing the bridle from slipping back.

Cheekpieces: Straps that run down the sides of the horse’s face, connecting the headstall to the bits.

Throatlash (Throatlatch): A strap that goes under the horse’s throat, helping to keep the bridle in place.

Cavesson Noseband: A traditional noseband that encircles the horse’s nose and is attached to the cheekpieces.


Bradoon (Snaffle) Bit: A small, simple bit that sits in the horse’s mouth like a standard snaffle bit, used for basic control.

Weymouth (Curb) Bit: A larger bit with shanks and a curb chain, providing leverage and refined control.


Bradoon Reins: Attached to the bradoon bit, usually thinner and used for general steering and light control.

Curb Reins: Attached to the Wey-mouth bit, typically wider and used for applying more precise pressure.

MOQ: 10 Pieces


Pony: Designed for small ponies, generally those under 14.2 hands high (hh).

Noseband Circumference: 18-24 inches

Browband Length: 12-13 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 6-7 inches


Cob: Suitable for larger ponies and smaller horses.

Noseband Circumference: 20-26 inches

Browband Length: 13-14 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 7-8 inches

Full (Horse): Fits most average-sized horses.

Noseband Circumference: 22-28 inches

Browband Length: 14-15 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 8-9 inches

Oversize (Warmblood): Designed for larger horses.

Noseband Circumference: 24-30 inches

Browband Length: 15-16 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 9-10 inches

Extra Full (Draft): Made for very large horses, such as draft breeds.

Noseband Circumference: 26-32 inches

Browband Length: 16-17 inches

heekpieces Length: 10-11 inches


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