Western Cutting Saddle


Cutting Western Saddle is specifically designed for the sport of cutting, where the rider needs to control and maneuver the horse quickly and precisely.

Low Cantle and High Pommel:

The low cantle provides greater freedom of movement for the rider, while the high pommel and horn offer stability and a secure handhold.

Flat Seat:

The seat of a cutting saddle is typically flat with a slight rise at the pommel, allowing the rider to maintain balance and move easily with the horse.

Roughout Leather:

Many cutting saddles use roughout leather on the jockeys and fenders. This provides better grip and helps the rider stay firmly in place during quick movements.

Reinforced Rigging:

These saddles often have reinforced rigging to handle the stresses of the sport. This ensures the saddle stays securely in place during intense cutting sessions.

Slim Stirrups and Back Cinch:

Cutting saddles usually come with slim stirrups to minimize interference with the rider’s legs and a back cinch for added stability.

Wear Strap:

A leather wear strap is often included between the fenders and the bottom skirt to reduce wear and tear from constant movement.

Seat Sizes (Rider):

Youth: 12-13 inches

Small Adult: 14 inches

Average Adult: 15 inches (most common size)

Large Adult: 16 inches

Extra Large Adult: 17 inches and above

Gullet Sizes (Horse):

Semi-Quarter Horse Bars: 6.0 to 6.5 inches (for horses with narrower withers)

Quarter Horse Bars: 6.0 to 5-7 inches (fits the majority of horses)

Full Quarter Horse Bars: 7.0 to 8.0 inches (for horses with broad shoulders and wide withers)


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