Genuine Leather Polo Saddle


Genuine Leather Polo saddle is specifically designed to meet the demands of polo, facilitating the quick and agile movements required in the sport. It features a flat seat that allows the rider to move freely and shift their weight easily, promoting balance and flexibility during rapid directional changes and swift maneuvers. The flaps are typically long and straight, providing support for the rider’s leg without restricting movement. Polo saddles are lightweight and durable, built to withstand the rigorous conditions of the game.

Material: Leather and Wood

Seat Size:

15-16 inches suitable for small children.

16.5-17 inches suitable for teenagers and small to average-sized adults.

17.5-18 inches suitable for average to larger-sized adults.

18.5-19 inches suitable for larger adults or those who prefer more room in the saddle.

Tree Width:

Narrow for horses with a slim build and high withers.

Medium fits most horses and is the most common size.

Wide for horses with a broader back and low withers.

Extra Wide for very broad-backed horses, such as some draft breeds or ponies.


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