Western Roping Saddle


Western Roping Saddles are built for durability and strength, with reinforced rigging, sturdy trees, deep seats, and high horns to withstand the force of roping cattle. Roping saddles are built to provide maximum stability, durability, and functionality, making them indispensable for riders engaged in roping events and ranch work.

Heavy-Duty Construction: These saddles are made with robust materials, often featuring a strong wooden tree and reinforced rigging

Strong Saddle Horn: The horn on a roping saddle is typically large and durable, designed to endure the pressure of a roped calf.

Low Cantle: Roping saddles often have a lower cantle compared to other Western saddles, which facilitates easier mounting and dismounting—a necessity in fast-paced roping events

Secure Seat: The seat of a roping saddle is designed to keep the rider secure and stable. Often, it features a roughout or suede covering to prevent slipping, providing better grip and focus for the rider during roping activities

Sturdy Stirrups: These saddles typically come with strong, durable stirrups that provide the rider with a solid foundation

Seat Sizes (Rider):

Youth: 12-13 inches

Small Adult: 14 inches

Average Adult: 15 inches (most common size)

Large Adult: 16 inches

Extra Large Adult: 17 inches and above

Gullet Sizes (Horse):

Semi-Quarter Horse Bars: 6.0 to 6.5 inches (for horses with narrower withers)

Quarter Horse Bars: 6.0 to 5-7 inches (fits the majority of horses)

Full Quarter Horse Bars: 7.0 to 8.0 inches (for horses with broad shoulders and wide withers)





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