Rowland Aluminum (Metal) Youth Stirrups for Western Rider


Rowland Aluminum (Metal) Youth Stirrups for Western Rider Smaller stirrups designed specifically for children, ensuring a proper fit and safety. These stirrups are specially designed for young riders, offering a secure and comfortable riding experience tailored to their smaller feet and shorter legs. These stirrups are typically made from lightweight materials such as aluminum, composite, or durable plastic to ensure ease of use without adding unnecessary weight. The size and shape of youth stirrups are proportioned to provide a snug fit for children’s boots, enhancing stability and safety. Many models feature a wider tread to help distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure on young riders’ feet, as well as textured or rubberized surfaces for better grip. Additionally, some youth stirrups come with adjustable features to accommodate growing riders. Overall, youth stirrups are designed to promote proper foot positioning, balance, and confidence, making them an ideal choice for young equestrians learning the ropes of horseback riding.

Common Size:

2.0 inches, 2.5 inches 3.0 inches, 3.5 inches and 4.0 inches



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