Rowland Cooling Saddle Pads


Rowland Cooling Saddle Pads designed with materials that wick away moisture and promote airflow to keep the horse’s back cool during riding.


Pony Size: Designed for ponies, these pads are smaller in dimensions to accommodate the shorter backs and smaller saddles used for ponies. They are typically around 15-16 inches in length (spine) and 18-20 inches in width (drop).

Cob/Small Horse Size: Suitable for smaller horses or large ponies, these pads fit medium-sized saddles and are slightly larger than pony pads. They often measure around 17-18 inches in length and 20-22 inches in width.

Full/Horse Size: The most common size for standard adult horses, these pads fit regular-sized saddles. They generally measure around 22-24 inches in length and 20-22 inches in width.

Oversize/Warmblood Size: Designed for larger horses and those with wider backs, such as Warm-bloods. These pads are larger in all dimensions, typically around 24-26 inches in length and 22-24 inches in width.

When selecting a saddle pad, ensure it matches the dimensions of your saddle and provides adequate coverage and protection for your horse’s back. The pad should extend slightly beyond the edges of the saddle but not be excessively large, which could cause discomfort or interfere with the rider’s leg position.


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