Rowland G Leather Brown Bosal Bridle


Rowland G Leather Brown Bosal Bridle, often simply called a bosal, is a type of bitless bridle used primarily in Western riding. It is part of the traditional vaquero training method and is especially popular for starting young horses. The bosal itself is a specific type of noseband made from rawhide or leather, and it works by applying pressure to the horse’s nose and jaw. The bosal bridle is designed for training and developing a young horse’s responsiveness without using a bit.


Pony: Designed for ponies or smaller horses.

Cob/Arabian: Fits horses with smaller, more refined heads such as Arabians and some smaller breeds.

Horse/Full: The most common size, suitable for the average-sized horse.

Oversize/Draft: Made for larger breeds or horses with larger heads, such as draft horses.




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