Rowland G. Leather Show Bridle with Silver hardware


Rowland G. Leather Show Bridle with Silver hardware is a type of Western bridle designed specifically for competitive events and exhibitions. It is distinguished by its decorative features and intricate craftsmanship, combining functionality with a striking appearance to impress judges and spectators. Show bridles are elaborately decorated with silver accents, detailed tooling, and sometimes gemstones, providing a polished and impressive look.

The main strap that runs over the top of the horse’s head, resting behind the ears, often adorned with decorative stitching or silver accents.

Straps that extend down the sides of the horse’s face, connecting the crownpiece to the bit, typically featuring decorative conchos or tooling.

Depending on the style, it may have a browband across the forehead or one or two ear loops. Both styles can be highly decorated.

A strap that goes under the horse’s throat to help keep the bridle securely in place, often embellished with decorative elements.

These are usually included and often match the bridle’s decorative style, with reins featuring silver buckles or conchos.


Pony: Designed for ponies or smaller horses.

Cob/Arabian: Fits horses with smaller, more refined heads such as Arabians and some smaller breeds.

Horse/Full: The most common size, suitable for the average-sized horse.

Oversize/Draft: Made for larger breeds or horses with larger heads, such as draft horses.



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