Rowland Genuine Leather Brown Specialty Girth


Crescent Girth: Shaped to accommodate horses with a more forward girth groove or those with a rounder barrel shape, helping to prevent the girth from slipping forward.

Shoulder Relief Girth: Contoured to allow more freedom of movement in the horse’s shoulders, reducing pressure and restriction.

Mohair Girth: Made from natural fibers like mohair, providing elasticity and comfort. Often used in endurance and long-distance riding.

Synthetic Girth: Made from materials like neoprene or synthetic leather, these girths are easy to clean and often more affordable.

Anatomical Girth: Contoured to follow the natural curve of the horse’s body, reducing pressure points and allowing greater freedom of movement.

Stud Guard Girth: Equipped with a wide, protective belly pad to prevent injury from the horse’s hooves or studs during jumping. Often includes additional D-rings for attaching equipment.

Monoflap Girth: Designed specifically for monoflap saddles, these girths are shorter and allow closer contact between the rider and horse. Often anatomically shaped for comfort.

Foam Girth: Incorporates gel or memory foam padding to conform to the horse’s shape, providing superior pressure distribution and shock absorption.

Fleece-Lined Girth: Features a soft fleece or sheepskin lining to provide extra comfort, reduce chafing, and prevent girth sores. The lining is often detachable for easy cleaning.



Small Ponies: Typically need girths around 38-42 inches.

Large Ponies: Usually fit with girths between 42-46 inches.

Cob-sized Horses: Girths from 46-50 inches.

Average Horses:  Girths between 50-54 inches.

Large Horses: Girths from 54-58 inches.


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