Rowland Genuine Leather English Jumping Girth

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Rowland Genuine Leather English Jumping Girth equipped with a wide, protective belly pad to prevent injury from the horse’s hooves or studs while jumping. Often used in show jumping and cross-country.

Features an additional layer of leather for increased durability, often used in jumping and eventing.


Stud Guard Girth, Overlay Girth, Monoflap Girth, Anatomical Jumping Girth


Small Ponies: Typically need girths around 38-42 inches.

Large Ponies: Usually fit with girths between 42-46 inches.

Cob-sized Horses: Girths from 46-50 inches.

Average Horses:  Girths between 50-54 inches.

Large Horses: Girths from 54-58 inches.


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