Rowland Genuine Leather Hunter English Bridle with Brass Hardware


Rowland Genuine Leather Hunter English Bridle with Brass Hardware is a classic and elegant type of English bridle designed specifically for use in hunter classes and show rings. It emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and traditional style, aligning with the refined and conservative aesthetic typical of hunter competitions. Here’s a detailed description:


Headstall: The main strap that goes over the horse’s head, connecting all parts of the bridle. It is typically plain and smooth.

Browband: A simple, flat strap that runs across the horse’s forehead, preventing the bridle from slipping back. It is designed to be understated and elegant.

Cheekpieces: Straps that run down the sides of the horse’s face, connecting the headstall to the bit. They are usually plain and functional.

Throatlash: A strap that goes under the horse’s throat, helping to keep the bridle in place. It is adjusted to ensure a secure fit without constricting the horse.

Cavesson Noseband: A plain, flat noseband that encircles the horse’s nose and is attached to the cheekpieces. It is designed to keep the horse’s mouth closed and is typically free of additional straps or embellishments.

Bit: Often a simple snaffle bit, in keeping with the traditional and understated look required in hunter classes.

Reins: Flat leather reins that provide a clean and classic appearance. They may come with or without lacing, depending on preference and tradition.


Leather Quality: High-quality English bridle leather, known for its durability, suppleness, and ability to develop a rich patina over time. The leather is typically smooth and polished.

Finish: The leather is usually dyed in traditional colors such as dark brown, havana, or oakbark to match the conservative style of hunter tack.

Design Features

Stitching: Fine, even stitching for durability and a clean appearance. Raised and padded browbands and nosebands are often used in higher-end models for additional comfort and a touch of elegance.

Buckles and Fittings: Made of stainless steel or brass, these fittings are discreet and functional, providing adjustability while maintaining the bridle’s understated look.


Fit and Adjustability: Multiple adjustment points allow the bridle to be fitted precisely to the horse’s head, ensuring comfort and effective communication between horse and rider.

Appearance: The hunter bridle’s simple, classic design is intended to complement the horse’s head without drawing undue attention, adhering to the traditional and polished look required in hunter competitions.

Purpose: Used primarily in hunter classes and shows, where judges evaluate the horse’s performance, manners, and way of going, as well as the overall turnout of horse and rider.


Pony: Designed for small ponies,

Noseband Circumference: 18-24 inches

Browband Length: 12-13 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 6-7 inches


Cob: Suitable for larger ponies and smaller horses.

Noseband Circumference: 20-26 inches

Browband Length: 13-14 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 7-8 inches

Full (Horse): Fits most average-sized horses.

Noseband Circumference: 22-28 inches

Browband Length: 14-15 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 8-9 inches

Oversize (Warmblood): Designed for larger horses.

Noseband Circumference: 24-30 inches

Browband Length: 15-16 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 9-10 inches

Extra Full (Draft): Made for very large horses, such as draft breeds.

Noseband Circumference: 26-32 inches

Browband Length: 16-17 inches

heekpieces Length: 10-11 inches


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