Rowland Genuine Leather Jumping Saddle


Rowland Genuine Leather Jumping Saddle, also known as a close contact saddle, is designed to provide the rider with optimal balance and support during jumping activities. It features a shallow seat that allows for greater freedom of movement, enabling the rider to easily adopt a forward-leaning position over fences. The flaps are short and forward-cut to accommodate the rider’s bent knees and shorter stirrup length used in jumping.

Material: Leather and Wood

Seat Size:

15-16 inches suitable for small children.

16.5-17 inches suitable for teenagers and small to average-sized adults.

17.5-18 inches suitable for average to larger-sized adults.

18.5-19 inches suitable for larger adults or those who prefer more room in the saddle.

Tree Width:

Narrow for horses with a slim build and high withers.

Medium fits most horses and is the most common size.

Wide for horses with a broader back and low withers.

Extra Wide for very broad-backed horses, such as some draft breeds or ponies.

Flap Length:

Shorter Flaps are more suited for jumping where the rider’s knee is more forward.

Longer Flaps are ideal for dressage, providing support for a longer leg position.



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