Rowland Genuine Leather Winter Horse Riding Glove


Rowland Genuine Leather Winter Horse Riding Glove are specifically designed to keep riders’ hands warm and protected during cold weather riding. These gloves combine insulation, comfort, and functionality to ensure riders can maintain control of the reins and perform effectively in low temperatures.

Insulation: Thinsulate, fleece, or wool to provide warmth.

Waterproof and Windproof

Durable Outer Layer: leather, synthetic leather, or nylon.

Enhanced Grip, Breathability, Adjustable Closures, Ergonomic Design, Touchscreen Compatibility.

Rowland Winter riding gloves are crafted to provide warmth, protection, and functionality in cold weather.


Children’s Sizes:

Small, Medium and Large

Adult Sizes:

XS (Extra Small)

S (Small)

M (Medium)

L (Large)

XL (Extra Large)








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