Rowland Icelandic Stirrup Brass


Rowland Icelandic Stirrup Brass for English Riding is designed for Icelandic horses, these stirrups have a broader foot-bed and are often used in endurance riding for greater comfort. These stirrups are specially designed for use with Icelandic horses, known for their unique gaits and the specific needs of their riders. These stirrups typically feature a broader foot-bed compared to traditional English stirrups, providing greater support and comfort, particularly during long rides. The wide design helps distribute the rider’s weight more evenly and reduces pressure on the feet, making them suitable for endurance and trail riding. Icelandic stirrups are usually made from sturdy materials like stainless steel or lightweight composites, ensuring durability and ease of use. The broader foot-bed often includes a non-slip surface for better grip and stability. Overall, Icelandic stirrups are designed to enhance rider comfort and stability, particularly for the distinctive riding style required by Icelandic horses.


Children’s stirrups:  4.0 inches or smaller.

Standard adult sizes: Generally 4.25 inches, 4.5 inches, and 4.75 inches.

Larger sizes: 5.0 inches, used for riders with larger feet.


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