Rowland Jumping/Close Contact Saddle Pads


Rowland Jumping/Close Contact Saddle Pads Shaped to fit close contact or jumping saddles, with a cut that follows the contour of the saddle to allow for closer leg contact and better movement.


Pony Size: Designed for ponies, these pads are smaller in dimensions to accommodate the shorter backs and smaller saddles used for ponies. They are typically around 15-16 inches in length (spine) and 18-20 inches in width (drop).

Cob/Small Horse Size: Suitable for smaller horses or large ponies, these pads fit medium-sized saddles and are slightly larger than pony pads. They often measure around 17-18 inches in length and 20-22 inches in width.

Full/Horse Size: The most common size for standard adult horses, these pads fit regular-sized saddles. They generally measure around 22-24 inches in length and 20-22 inches in width.

Oversize/Warmblood Size: Designed for larger horses and those with wider backs, such as Warmbloods. These pads are larger in all dimensions, typically around 24-26 inches in length and 22-24 inches in width.


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