Rowland SS English Safety Stirrups


Rowland SS English Safety Stirrups come in various designs (like hinged sides or breakaway mechanisms) to release the rider’s foot in the event of a fall, enhancing safety. These are designed to enhance rider safety by incorporating mechanisms that allow the stirrup to release the rider’s foot in the event of a fall, thereby reducing the risk of being dragged by the horse. These stirrups come in various designs, but common features include breakaway sides, hinges, or flexible arms. The breakaway side often involves an elastic band, similar to Peacock stirrups, or a hinged design that opens under pressure. Safety stirrups can be made from various materials, including metal and lightweight composites, and often include rubber footbeds for added grip and comfort. They are widely used across different riding disciplines, particularly by those who prioritize safety without compromising on performance and stability.

Material: Stainless Steel and Rubber


Common sizes for safety stirrups typically range from 4 inches to 5 inches in width. The exact size needed depends on the rider’s foot size:

Children’s stirrups: Often 4.0 inches or smaller.

Standard adult sizes: Generally 4.25 inches, 4.5 inches, and 4.75 inches.

Larger sizes: 5 inches, used for riders with larger feet.

When choosing stirrup size, it’s important to ensure there’s enough space on either side of the rider’s boot to prevent getting stuck but not so much space that the foot slips through easily.



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