Rowland SS Fillis English Stirrups


Rowland SS Fillis English Stirrups are a traditional and highly popular type of English stirrup, known for their straightforward design and versatility across various riding disciplines. They feature a solid metal construction with a rectangular footbed that offers a stable platform for the rider’s foot. The sides of Fillis stirrups are straight and often slightly angled, which helps keep the rider’s foot in the correct position. They usually come with rubber pads on the footbed to provide extra grip and prevent the foot from slipping. Fillis stirrups are widely used in general riding, jumping, and dressage due to their reliability, simplicity, and effectiveness in maintaining a secure and balanced foot position.

Material: Stainless Steel and Rubber

Common Sizes:

English riding stirrups range from 4 inches to 5 inches in width. The exact size needed depends on the rider’s foot size.

Children’s stirrups: Often 4 inches or smaller.

Standard adult sizes: Generally 4.25 inches, 4.5 inches, and 4.75 inches.

Larger sizes: 5.0 inches, used for riders with larger feet.

When choosing stirrup size, it’s important to ensure there’s enough space on either side of the rider’s boot to prevent getting stuck but not so much space that the foot slips through easily.


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