Rowland SS Mullen Mouth Baucher Bit


Rowland SS Mullen Mouth Baucher Bit has a straight or slightly curved mouthpiece without joints, providing even pressure across the tongue and bars, and is considered milder.


Baucher horse bits, also known as hanging cheek snaffles, commonly come in sizes ranging from 4.5 inches to 6 inches in width. The most frequently used sizes are:

4.5 inches (11.4 cm)

5.0 inches (12.7 cm)

5.5 inches (14 cm)

6.0 inches (15.2 cm)

These measurements correspond to the width of the horse’s mouth and are important for ensuring a proper fit. Baucher bits are designed to provide a slight leverage effect and are known for their stability in the horse’s mouth, making them popular for enhancing control and communication between the rider and the horse.


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