Rowland SS Ported Grazing Western Curb Bit


Rowland SS Ported Grazing Western Curb Bit is a type of Western curb bit known for its unique design, featuring a curved shank that allows the horse to lower its head and graze comfortably while still wearing the bit. The curved shanks prevent the bit from poking the horse when its head is down. This design makes it practical for riders who need their horses to remain tacked up and ready for work even when grazing.

Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece can vary, often found with low to medium ports, mullen mouths, or other common designs that distribute pressure evenly across the tongue and bars like Mullen Mouthpiece, Ported Mouthpiece, Roller Mouthpiece and Smooth or Wire Wrapped Mouthpiece


Pony: 4.5 inches

Cob/Small Horse: 5.0 inches

Full/Horse: 5.5 inches

Large Horse: 6.0 inches



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