Rowland Stainless Steel Prince of Wales (POW) Spurs


Rowland Stainless Steel Prince of Wales Spurs (POW) spurs are a popular type of English riding spur known for their simple and effective design. These spurs are characterized by their flat, blunt end, making them suitable for delivering precise and gentle cues to the horse without causing discomfort. Prince of Wales spurs are a versatile and effective tool for enhancing communication between rider and horse, suitable for both novice and experienced riders in various disciplines

The spurs have a straight neck ending in a flat, blunt edge. This design ensures that the spur provides a clear signal without being overly harsh. The neck length can vary, typically ranging from short (10-15 mm) to longer lengths (up to 35 mm) to accommodate different riding needs and horse sensitivities.

Usually made from stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to rust. Some versions may have decorative elements or be made from other metals for aesthetic purposes.


Short (10-15 mm): Suitable for riders who need gentle cues.

Medium (20-25 mm): Standard length, offering a balance between subtlety and effectiveness.

Long (30-35 mm): For more advanced riders who require more pronounced aids.



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