Stainless Steel Fulmer with Single Jointed Mouth


Stainless Steel Fulmer with Single Jointed Mouth is a type of snaffle bit featuring the distinctive long, full cheeks similar to a full cheek snaffle, but with loose rings at the ends of the mouthpiece. This combination provides the benefits of both a full cheek and a loose ring snaffle, enhancing lateral control and flexibility.

The full cheeks provide clear and effective lateral signals, aiding in turning and preventing the bit from sliding through the horse’s mouth.

The design ensures the bit remains stable and correctly positioned, which is particularly useful for young or green horses.

The loose rings encourage the horse to chew and play with the bit, promoting relaxation and acceptance.

The stainless steel construction ensures longevity and resistance to wear, making it a reliable choice for everyday use.

MOQ: 25 Pieces

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 4.5″, 5.0″, 5.25″, 5.5″ 6.0″ and 6.5″


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