Rowland Genuine Leather Micklem English Bridle with SS hardware


Rowland Genuine Leather Micklem English Bridle with SS hardware is an innovative type of English bridle designed with the horse’s anatomical structure in mind. It aims to provide maximum comfort while enhancing performance and communication between horse and rider. This bridle is widely used in various disciplines, including dressage, eventing, and show jumping. Here’s a detailed description:


Headpiece: The main strap that goes over the horse’s head, designed to distribute pressure evenly and avoid sensitive areas.

Browband: A strap that runs across the horse’s forehead, preventing the bridle from slipping back. It is ergonomically shaped to avoid pinching.

Cheekpieces: Straps that run down the sides of the horse’s face, connecting the headpiece to the bit. They are positioned to avoid the horse’s facial nerves.

Throatlash: A strap that goes under the horse’s throat, helping to keep the bridle in place. Its design ensures it does not constrict the horse’s throat.

Nosepiece (Noseband): The nosepiece is shaped to fit comfortably around the horse’s nose, avoiding pressure points and providing a secure fit without discomfort.

Bit Straps: Straps designed to hold the bit in place. The bridle can be used with or without a bit, making it versatile for different training and riding needs.

Reins: Straps that run from the bit to the rider’s hands, used to control the horse. Micklem bridles often come with ergonomic reins designed for a comfortable grip.


Leather Quality: Made from high-quality, durable leather that is often vegetable-tanned. The leather is soft, supple, and designed to last, providing a comfortable fit for the horse.

Finish: The leather is typically dyed in traditional colors such as black or brown and may include padded areas for additional comfort.

Design Features

Anatomical Design: The Micklem bridle is specifically shaped to avoid sensitive areas of the horse’s head, such as facial nerves and pressure points, making it one of the most comfortable bridles available.

Versatility: It can be used as a regular bridle, bitless bridle, or lunge cavesson, providing multiple training options.

Stitching: High-quality, fine stitching ensures durability and a sleek appearance.

Buckles and Fittings: Made of stainless steel or brass, these fittings are designed for easy adjustment and secure attachment, ensuring a custom fit.


Fit and Adjustability: Multiple points of adjustment allow the bridle to be fitted precisely to the horse’s head, ensuring optimal comfort and effective communication.

Comfort: The anatomical design reduces pressure and discomfort, making it suitable for horses with sensitive mouths or facial structures.

Purpose: Used in a variety of disciplines, including dressage, eventing, and show jumping. Its comfort-focused design makes it popular among riders who prioritize their horse’s well-being.


Care: Regular cleaning and conditioning are required to keep the leather supple and prevent cracking. This includes wiping down after each use and occasional deep cleaning with leather soap and conditioner.


Pony: Designed for small ponies, generally those

Noseband Circumference: 18-24 inches

Browband Length: 12-13 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 6-7 inches

Cob: Suitable for larger ponies and smaller horses.

Noseband Circumference: 20-26 inches

Browband Length: 13-14 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 7-8 inches

Full (Horse): Fits most average-sized horses.

Noseband Circumference: 22-28 inches

Browband Length: 14-15 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 8-9 inches

Oversize (Warmblood): Designed for larger horses.

Noseband Circumference: 24-30 inches

Browband Length: 15-16 inches

Cheekpieces Length: 9-10 inches

Extra Full (Draft): Made for very large horses, such as draft breeds.

Noseband Circumference: 26-32 inches

Browband Length: 16-17 inches

heekpieces Length: 10-11 inches


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