Western Flex Tree Saddle

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Western Flex Tree Saddle are designed to provide a blend of comfort and flexibility, adapting to the horse’s movements and contours. Unlike traditional rigid tree saddles, flex tree saddles feature a semi-flexible tree made from innovative materials that allow for greater movement and weight distribution. This flexibility enhances the horse’s comfort, reducing pressure points and allowing for a more natural range of motion. For the rider, flex tree saddles offer a close contact feel and a secure seat, making them suitable for various riding disciplines. They are often lighter than traditional saddles and are valued for their ability to fit a wider range of horse shapes and sizes.

Seat Sizes (Rider):

Youth: 12-13 inches

Small Adult: 14 inches

Average Adult: 15 inches (most common size)

Large Adult: 16 inches

Extra Large Adult: 17 inches and above

Gullet Sizes (Horse):

Semi-Quarter Horse Bars: 6.0 to 6.5 inches (for horses with narrower withers)

Quarter Horse Bars: 6.0 to 5-7 inches (fits the majority of horses)

Full Quarter Horse Bars: 7.0 to 8.0 inches (for horses with broad shoulders and wide withers)


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